Big doings around here

The astute listener/viewer/fan/kid-of-all-ages may have noticed that we haven’t played for a bit. Truth be told, we took some time over the holidays to remind our families of who we are and make sure our names were still in the will. Then our drummer left (amicably), so we decided to retreat to our mountain hideaway, reassess our navels, invest in some much-needed Q-tips, and trade that Worldcom stock for a ’74 Dodge Monaco, a microphone, and some imitation Spanish doubloons on eBay.

Now we’re back, with a new drummer who looks a lot like the other side of this guy:


That’s the newly minted RichBob. He’s rich in spirit, rich in humor, rich in drumming chops, and he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into…

We’ll be booking gigs over the next few months, so keep an eye open here and on our Facebook page. And if you haven’t done so, “friend” us already! It gets lonely here at Atom Bobs HQ in Mt. Pilot, Illinois—a place so far off the map, even the pizza guy can’t find it.'

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Pete is the bass player. Please don't hold that against him.
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