Why the Atom Bobs?

About a century ago, DenBob and DaveBob were in a band called Bob and Bob. Before you ask, no one in the band was actually named Bob. Sorry…that’s just the kind of chaos we had to live with back in the old days.

Now Bob and Bob was actually pretty popular on a local level, with “local” being defined as “Joliet, Illinois.” A few years back, the boys decided to play some gigs using acoustic guitars. Building on their Bob and Bob lineage, as well as their astounding creativity, they decided to call that band The AcoustiBobs.

early_bobsTimes changed and The AcoustiBobs went the way of the passenger pigeon, the dodo, and pretty much every rock band in history except for The Rolling Stones.

In early 2014, DenBob and DaveBob rang up PeteBob, who had played bass for a time in The AcoustiBobs, and talked to him about forming a new band. This new band would have new songs, a new attitude, and slightly less hair.

PeteBob, much to his own chagrin, insisted that the new band carry on the hackneyed tradition of naming everything “Bob,” and with the addition of Pete’s high school friend MarcBob on drums, Box of Bobs was born.

The new band quickly became legendary, primarily because many people confused the name with “Box of Boobs,” and showed up at gigs hoping to see a couple or three. When the audience discovered that the boobs were actually the guys playing the instruments, they made plans to go to Vegas, but before they could pay their tab and get on an airplane, they realized that the band actually played real rock and roll of a type that hadn’t been heard around these parts for years.

So they stayed and rocked out. And they put up with the name because even though Box of Boobs wasn’t what they got, they were a pretty good time anyway, and in any event, no one does a better version of Copperhead Road.

Yet the boys knew something had to change. They put their heads together, and just when everyone thought they’d be stuck that way till Thanksgiving, they all simultaneously came up with the new name. From that day forward, the band would be known as The Atom Bobs. An explosive combo if ever there was one. And we all know bands are better when they have a “The” in their name.


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Pete is the bass player. Please don't hold that against him.
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