cooking out — feed the world

I have this weird thing whenever I grill outside (Weber with charcoal, of course) – I have the insane need to keep cooking because “the coals are so damned hot!” I’ll cook enough to feed Elburn (small town nearby) if we have enough junk in the freezer. Soon, I’m knocking on neighbor’s doors — “Hey, the coals are red-hot at my place – do you have any hotdogs, hamburgers, loaves, fishes – anything?” Doors slam in my face and heads are shaking. But I can’t help it… Anyway, I have to go — smells like the pop tarts are burning and the grapefruits need turning.

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I was born in a little hickory nut farm town called New Lenox. I was raised in captivity until I turned 18 and was freed to settle in whatever territory I chose. The freedom to choose has been a great honor and that's why I choose to play in a band with these three other men - men whose names happen to end in "Bob" such as I...
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