Songs I left on my voice mail

DenBob complains that I don’t write enough on our website. Truth is, I think he does a fine job all by himself. But I’m happy to contribute.

So…I bought a new car a few weeks ago. Good thing I have a day job, right?! The car came with satellite radio and it’s been a few years since I spent much time listening to such things. I’ve always loved (and preferred) the local aspect of terrestrial radio, but in recent years that’s kind of gone by the wayside as cookie cutter stations like The Drive and The Jack and The Hair (or whatever) have taken over. No wonder no one listens to it any more.

There is a GREAT thing about satellite though…they have a lot of time to fill and the stations aren’t competing with each other. That means there’s a real impulse for them to “go deep” and play music that never (or rarely) makes it to terrestrial radio.

So I’m discovering things. And when I discover them, because I’m driving, I call my home phone and leave myself a message with the name of the artist and the song. On the blues station (yes, there’s a whole station just for blues) for instance, I heard this:

For a musician, even one like me, surfing these stations is like spelunking*—you never know when you’re going to round a corner and find something awesome. Which brings me to this:

Pretty cool stuff! I had one more I wanted to post, a song called “Walk of Fame” from a band called Boink!, but it doesn’t seem to be on YouTube. That’s good and bad. Good because the copyright of the artist isn’t being violated, but bad because I can’t promote them in the hope that you’ll track them down and buy their stuff. Do it anyway. They’re good.

I’m sure some people are going to roll their eyes and say, “Oh geez…he’s just discovered Lisa LeBlanc???” Whatta maroon! And you may be right. But put it this way, I listen to A LOT of music. It’s hard to hear everything, or even 10 percent of everything. And that’s where satellite radio comes in handy. Now if I someday post how I just heard this new band Lynyrd Skynyrd and they have this great song called “Sweet Home Alabama” that sounds like it was ripped off from Kid Rock, I give you permission to hit me in the head with a hammer. Actually, if I ever do that, it probably happened already.

*I think. I’ve never actually spelunked.'

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  1. denbob says:

    You claim you’ve never spelunked —not even in your sleep? Whatever…
    Did you ever Splunge? That’s the question PeteBob

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