Capital of Idaho: RUSSETTE

The name “Idaho” has little to do with the potato. It was named after the HI-DEE-HO Indian tribe, which later was turned into a Blood, Sweat and Tears song.
“Hi-Dee-Ho” roughly translates into: “Your head somewhat resembles a Potato.”

HideeHo was shortened to IDeeHo and then, Idaho…

Idaho was admitted into the Union in 1974 — the same year it was annexed. Ranked 12th in area, it totals 478 million square miles, borders 14 states and sometimes Canada.

Population: 39,003 people. The men are called Idahims, women are known as Ida-hos, I mean Idahers. Some locals call themselves “Idahoans” but they are incorrect.*

Official Language is English, unlike in Aurora, IL

Some sites to see are:

Snake River – which winds around the state twice.
And at Six Flags over Idaho there’s LIBERTY POINT! — a famous look-out area where — on a clear day, you can see all 50 states — and the Iffy Tower! Not the Eiffel Tower — that’d be silly. The Iffy Tower is in Clump, Idaho and stands 27 feet tall from end to end. Hidden Lake – which I tried to visit yesterday but I couldn’t find it.

Some Famous Idahoans*
Hank Lynde (Paul Lynde’s Great Uncle)
Ezra Tater: Once held his breath for 27 hours
Mormonic Plague: Notorious 1981 punk band – broke up after their first rehearsal

The State Motto is: “FESTOU BAUEH-DAY QUEBIS” from the ancient Heretic Language and roughly means:   “Pass The Butter.”

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