UkeBob Twins prepare for total domination of the Music Industry

“Hurry up you morons — let’s go! This damn thing isn’t going to   be parted forever!” Moses

Happy Monday.

“Route 80, she’s a honey of a road.” Orson Welles 1938 – from the infamous War of the World’s Radio Broadcast

Box of Bobs (remember them? – neither do I) had a rehearsal upstairs in Dave’s garage Saturday – which means we are a level two garage band. Anyway, it was a good practice, as they all are, but we learned an old Den-Dave original song – it’s weird to re-learn one of your own old songs but it sounded quite good with the MarcBob taste and the PeteBob flavor added into the mix. We’re quite rehearsed actually – be nice to play in front of the loving public again — someday we hope to add something/anything to our “gigs-list.”

“Nobody tells Jimmy Dean what side of the road to drive on!”     James Dean, 1955

PeteBob and I have also been sporadically practicing but practicing together as “The UkeBob Twins.” This is a duo of two guys – Pete and I with our ukuleles. We are not really learning the usual uke fare (faire?) and have come up with a few goodies. Do you know you can play ANY song you damn well please on the ukulele? It’s true as we’re finding out. We’re covering the entire gamut from cartoon theme songs to murder ballads to Nancy Sinatra and then back again — it’s a blast.

Songs we WON’T be doing as The UkeBob Twins:
Build Me Up Buttercup – (that blond youtube girl already owns the definitive version) Tiptoe thru the Tulips
Over the Rainbow
Any songs from Eddie Vedder’s Ukulele album
Dueling Banjoes
The Liberty Bell (by John Philip Sousa)
Don’t Worry be Happy
The Planets Suite (by Gustav Holst)
Theme from The Exorcist

How many divorced men does it take to change a light bulb? Who cares, they never get the house anyway! Sad but funny but not true in my case. I got the house and the shaft but who cares, that’s now ancient hysteria.

And now, some tragic last words from notable quotable people:

“Do you see a gas station yet?” Amelia Earhart to her Navigator

“What tree?” Sonny Bono

“Uh-oh” John Denver
The other day I sneezed and hurt my back. Sneezed.
Is this what I have to look forward to? Just days away from turning 59 (59???) and I’m hoping I’m not on the descent.

Speaking of Teddy Roosevelt, today is his birthday!
And the great John Cleese – possibly the funniest man on the planet – has been silly-walking for 75 years today.

Cheers John,


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  1.' SteffK says:

    I would pay admission to hear/see “Dueling Banjos” on ukes! But I’m weird.

    Also, that was the B-side to the “King Tut” 45…

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