Poster Boys

To answer all of those who inquired* (* = nobody) about purchasing a BOX of BOBS poster, we have agreed on a solution:

First, go to our Box of Bobs website (, click on “Photos” on the main page. You will then notice that there are not too many photos. This is clearly PeteBob’s fault, as he is in charge of downloading all photos onto the site, myself being a computer moron but more on that later… Please send him a comment through our Box of Bobs Facebook page and complain.

Anyway, with this meager selection of photos, find one that captures your fancy, click on the photo and save it to your computer. Next, after you supplied it with high-end glossy expensive photo paper, fire up your printer, and print a nice clean crisp shiny happy photo. Once you’re satisfied with the result, you now must find a place that can reproduce it to the size of your poster frame with losing much resolution — (try the “internet”) If you don’t already have a poster frame handy, run down to the nearest poster frame store in your province — common sizes are 24” x 36” and 18” x 24” Sorry, I haven’t had time to narrow it down where you can do this – but it’s a great big world out there and I’m certain you can do it without too much hassle. Good luck everybody! Enjoy the cool Summer!


“Route 80, she’s a honey of a road,” John F. Kennedy 1962
“All roads lead to water,” Ted Kennedy 1968
Don’t tell me all of us (3)how to ski — I know!!!  Sonny Bono

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I was born in a little hickory nut farm town called New Lenox. I was raised in captivity until I turned 18 and was freed to settle in whatever territory I chose. The freedom to choose has been a great honor and that's why I choose to play in a band with these three other men - men whose names happen to end in "Bob" such as I...
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  1.' Pete says:

    I haven’t made much progress, because it turns out you can’t download to a website. You have to upload.

    Sorry. I just found that out.

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