denbox1DenBob’s musical journey began at the age of 10, when he would sneak down to the basement and bang on his brother Mick’s red sparkle drum set while he was out. He accidentally learned how to keep a beat, and from that moment on, considered himself a drummer. He joined his first actual band in 1969, at the age of 13. Although he didn’t play at Woodstock that summer, he did perform at a few block parties and one memorable dance at the Manteno Mental Hospital. The band’s lead singer—who knew how to play 4 chords on the guitar—showed those chords to DenBob and a new love affair was born (with the guitar; let’s just be clear about that).

The singer was a lefty who simply turned a normal right-handed guitar over and played his 4 chords upside-down. DenBob, also a lefty, learned to play the same way and, for better or worse, continues to play guitar the same way today.

Throughout the 70s and into the early 80s, DenBob played in bands of various musical genres (rock, blues, Amish-punk, country). His last group as a drummer was the country band, Foggy Mountain, who enjoyed local success and even served as the opening act for some stars of the day, including Ray Price, Tom T. Hall, and Merle Haggard. The highlight was opening six shows in three days for Loretta Lynn (however, the band wasn’t allowed to meet her, take her picture, or get an autograph).

All the while, DenBob remained a “living room guitarist,” who dreamed of one day having the courage to play guitar on the front porch and eventually, on an actual stage in front of real people. His dream was realized in 1983 when he formed the rock and roll duo, “Bob and Bob” with his lifelong friend, DaveBob. To go along with their musical moniker, they added “Bob” to their first names and a tradition was born. The band Bob and Bob was a popular draw in the 80s, especially in the “bowling alley circuit,” which led to the writing of the song, “Bowling Alley Band,”—a fun tune that Box of Bobs recently unearthed and added to their superb song list.

Today, drumming is a distant past for DenBob. The upside-down guitar is his preference and present method of communicating in a musical manner both to his fellow bandmates and to the loving public. DenBob shampoos daily, hasn’t ridden on a hayrack ride since 1970, and hasn’t hitchhiked since 1974.

His other passion, since childhood, is “hunting asparagus.”


Here ‘Tis – Mojo Blues Band 1976 (album)
Full Time Loving Cowboy – Foggy Mountain 1982 (single)
Patti Lynn/ Don’t Run – Bob and Bob 1988 (single)
YesireeBob – Bob and Bob 1988 (album)
In Bob We Trust – Bob and Bob 1989 (album)
Ghost Writers in Disguise – The Spaldings 1991 (album)
Bachelor’s Grove 1993 (5 song demo)
Sister Swing – Naperville Cable TV Studio – 1995
FunTown Sessions – The AcoustiBobs 2007 (demo CD)
The Cow Sessions – The AcoustiBobs 2009 (demo CD)