About us


Box of Bobs is a rock band. Let there be no confusion about that.

The boys who make up the band, well…they’re confused sometimes. Especially about their names, all of which seem to…but don’t really…end in “Bob.”

They play good music. The stuff they (and a lot of other people) consider good music. Rock and roll from all eras. On any given night, they could perform anything from Black Sabbath to The Black Keys. With stops along the way for The Rolling Stones, REM, The Sonics, and Shooter Jennings. A few originals thrown in for good measure.

And what fun they have. Four men, with a knowledge of music forged in bars and alleyways over decades. It’s not uncommon for someone in the audience to call out a song title, only to have the band launch into it seconds later.

And a keen sense of humor, as well. They rib each other on stage, quote from movies, offer wry observations between songs.

But in the end, it’s always about the music. They keep ’em dancing, those guys. And coming back for more.

Box of Bobs. Rock and roll for the rest of us.

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